Where do you ship from?
New Haven, Connecticut! :-)

How long does it usually take to ship?
Within 48 hours, but if I'm being honest I usually do within 24 and even sometimes within the same day!

What are typical shipping times?
Shipping depends on the service you pay for with USPS! It depends, if you're in the US it can range from 1-3 days to 5-7 days depending on how far you are from Connecticut and whether you paid priority shipping or not. Priority shipping means it'll get to you faster!

What confirmation and other information with be received after ordering?
If you're shopping through Shopify, you'll receive an order confirmation, a shipping confirmation, and delivery confirmation!

Is tracking provided?

Oh no! Something went wrong with my order!
Please contact me!! I'll do my best to figure out what went wrong and fix things for you. Reach out to thedarksart@gmail.com and you will hear back from me as soon as possible!